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MMAE720 stands for cancer patients and their relatives

We wholeheartedly want to thank the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center for their corporation and their support.

In particular, we would like to express our gratitude to Cornelia Große, Isabelle Knispel and Baharan Naghavi. We would like to carry out our joined efforts not just once, or for a few months, or for a year, but continuously and long term …

For detailed information about the workshops please use the link below. Currently we are preparing the next workshop with a new experience room at the MMAE 720, which is expected to take place in the last week of November.


The following is a translated text as found on the Charité website (30.08.2021):

Series of workshops for cancer patients and relatives “Artistic Design” started successfully

On August 24, 2021 in cooperation with the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center, the art educator, curator and author Dr. Mei Huang invited cancer patients and their families for a creative workshop for the first time to her private art space Moving Meditation Art Experience (MMAE) 720.

The spirited, enthusiastic and empathetic artist was diagnosed with “end-stage colon cancer” 20 years ago and has managed to conquer it. Now she wants to encourage others by supporting those affected including their relatives.  She wants them to experience happiness and ease through creativity, despite their difficult situation.

The ice was broken during the viewing of the current exhibitions in MMAE 720, in which Dr. Mei Huang deals with her own medical history.

The initial reluctance of the participants, the fear of having no ideas or too little imagination, turned into a participation integrated into the art project “Love until  Death”. 

Ostomy bag as a subject for art? This was discussed lively! In the end, all participants experimented with a wide variety of utensils and materials in order to create small works of art from this medical product.

The unanimous opinion: We look forward to the next time! Yes, and there will be a next time. Estimated for the last week of November 2021. You are cordially invited to take part.

What would you like to try? Would you like to create art, would you like to paint, draw, write?

Let your imagination run wild and let us know of your ideas by email: We are already looking forward to our next creative workshop.

Yours truely

Dr. Mei Huang (MMAE 720) and Cornelia Große (Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center)”

MMAE wants to encourage active participation.

Our guests have the possibility to become active with the art.

Our artists and our team assist the creative process.

You are invited to take a look at MMAE, to be inspired and to create projects with us.

Feel free to contact us.

Here at MMAE720 we not only create and showcase works of art, we also have a special agenda. We focus on thinking about life and sharing stories of life.

We want to aid people who are or have been seriously ill and help encourage their future.

Optimism, courage and lightness is the attitude towards life that we want to convey.

The sincere aspiration of the founder Dr Mei Huang is therefore different from a conventional art gallery. She wishes to welcome guests to present their ideas and express and implement their personal life experiences.

Many art genres can play a role here: painting, dance, theater, music or a completely different form – that is up to each individual.

MMAE720 and their artists assist the projects. The motto states “Through art, share life“. 

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