Salon Series

Ein Buch, Ein Kunstwerk, Ein Sofa

(a book, a work of art, a sofa)

Book: Love until Death by Dr. Mei Huang

Art: Färbung by Cornelia Renz

Motto: We discuss art and literature, but not only 

Subject keywords: independence, equal opportunities, defeating illnesses of body and soul

MMAE720 Salon

Wednesday, September 24, 2021. The art historian, writer and curator of major international exhibitions, Dr. Huang Mei had presented the first of the Salon Series in her private quarters. The longing for real encounters, the need to bring people together who might otherwise never have met, to have in-depth conversations about art, literature, politics – all of this motivated Huang Mei to initiate her MMAE720 Salon. 

The focus of the evening was the presentation of her autobiographical novel “Reflections – Love until Death” in relation to the work of art “Färbung” by Cornelia Renz, a visual artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany as well as Tel-Aviv, Israel. 

Moderated by Cornelia Große from the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center, the lively discussion initially revolved around the perception and handling of illnesses.  In the conversation with Huang Mei and Cornelia Renz, it was considered to what extent literature and art can contribute to influencing and overcoming social conventions. Love, independence and freedom of art and culture were the final points.

Salonière Huang Mei invited exciting people who not only wanted to listen passively, but also participated by adding their own opinions and embarking on a discourse on critical topics from art and culture, society and politics.

In the digital age we are more connected than ever before, but we are lonelier than ever. A renaissance of salon culture is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas face to face, to discover new dimensions in in-depth discussions and to develop joint projects. 


1. The author and host Dr. Huang, Mei, the moderator Cornelia Große, Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center and the artist Cornelia Renz in the podium of the MMAE720 salon.

1.1. and 1.2. The evening at the salon was dedicated to the autobiographical novel “Lieben bis zu Tod” by Huang, Mei and the work of art “Coloring” by Cornelia Renz. Those present discussed love, dealing with illnesses in body and soul, independence, politics and art 

2. A look at the guests

3. The artists Paula Muhr, Jovana Popic and Mrs. Linda Wen 

4. During the break, the guests exchange ideas over wine and cheese. In the foreground (from left to right): Andreas Kramer, Cornelia Renz, and Ms. Asja Wolf as representative of the house on Lützowplatz.

5. During the break, Huang, Mei and Cornelia Große exchange ideas about the next salon.

6. Sinologist and artist Klaus-Peter Metzke chats with Cornelia Große during the break.

7. The Berlin art publisher Peter Fabian holds the book “Lieben bis zum Tod” – by Huang, Mei.. On the left, the artist couple Ingrid and Uwe Bremer. They invited Ms. Huang for a visit.  

8. Open discussions during the second part of the salon evening. The former managing director and artistic director of the exhibition program at Haus am Lützowplatz, Karin Pott (center), expresses her opinion. 

9. Discussions take place until shortly after 10 p.m. Some guests stay to continue conversations.

Text: Cornelia Große

Photos: Elvira Nisman







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