for cancer patients and their families

Ein Buch, Ein Kunstwerk, Ein Sofa

(a book, a work of art, a sofa)

MMAE wants to encourage active participation.

Our guests have the possibility to become active with the art.

Our artists and our team assist the creative process.

You are invited to take a look at MMAE, to be inspired and to create projects with us.

Feel free to contact us.

Here at MMAE720 we not only create and showcase works of art, we also have a special agenda. We focus on thinking about life and sharing stories of life.

We want to aid people who are or have been seriously ill and help encourage their future.

Optimism, courage and lightness is the attitude towards life that we want to convey.

The sincere aspiration of the founder Dr Mei Huang is therefore different from a conventional art gallery. She wishes to welcome guests to present their ideas and express and implement their personal life experiences.

Many art genres can play a role here: painting, dance, theater, music or a completely different form – that is up to each individual.

MMAE720 and their artists assist the projects. The motto states “Through art, share life“. 

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