• The Art Newspaper from Berlin wrote the following article about the exhibition LOVE UNTIL DEATH: https://deeds.news/2022/07/lieben-bis-zum-tod-reading-and-talk-with-dr-huang-mei-csr-contemporary-show-room-21-07-27-07-2022/?lang=en


• The American organization “Twist Out Cancer” has interviewd the owner and initiator of  MMAE 720, Dr. Mei Huang.

You can take a look at the interview under this link.




MMAE720 is a non-profit, private initiative founded by Huang Mei.

Huang Mei is a writer, scientist and freelance curator of major international art exhibitions. In addition, she organizes large-scale cultural events. An exceptional career considering she did not begin these activities until the age of 36, after being diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. On er website you can find out about her twenty years of cultural engagement after surviving cancer. www.mei-huang.com

During the pandemic, the MMAE premises at Berlin’s Lützowplatz were completed. Here, on two hundred square meters, synergies of creative works and presentations are possible. The idea is for guests and artists to come into contact with each other and to link and share their special aspects of life with art. Art, participation and creativity should encourage people to gain strength, meaning and joy in life.

MMAE720 was inaugurated on June 23, 2021 with the projekt  “Love until Death” (Ostomy Bags – Fashion Bags).

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