HER POWER  1. Dezember 2022 at MMAE 720.

 May 2022 at Art Central Fair in Hong Kong.

August 2022 at Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong.

March 2023 at the International Women Art Exhibition in Hong Kong.

– prices upon request

Lisa Wölfel has an innate sensitivity for painting. Her works deal with humanity, animals and nature within magical designs in a mysterious color scheme; just like a moss landscape looks like in the morning and at dusk. 

Cristina Barroso is an established artist. In her new series “Numbers and Planets” she interprets the universe with an extremely enchanting fine line. Her paintings stimulate the viewers and unite people and the universe in harmonious, unlimited secrets of knowledge. 

It’s no wonder that we, the whole curatorial team, sat in front of the screens in Berlin, Hong Kong, Beijing and FuZhou, via video conference and finally agreed to invite these two artists to Art Central Hong Kong 2022 to be exhibited from March 22-26. 

Now we are showing these two artists in MMAE720 Berlin: a preview before the works go to Hong Kong. It is a great honor to be able to also show the enchanting digital art of Ton Belowskey. It gives us a different view of the world.        

In 2021, Dr. Huang was invited again as a curator and team leader for a third exhibition entitled “Her Power” (2015 for the first time and 2018 for the second time). In 2021, the presentation took place exclusively online due to the corona pandemic. The exhibition is a global presentation of contemporary art by women.    

In order to select and invite the artists from all over Europe, Dr. Huang Mei created a work team with Dr. Max Harms which initially made a pre-selection from 300 professional European artists in order to subsequently select 30 representative international artists and their works. Together in the collaboration with the team of curators in Hong Kong, Beijing and Fuzhou, who participated in the final online selection.   

In 2021 this online exhibition made it to three important presentation platforms at the same time: “Tianqu Art” in Hong Kong, “Her Power” in mainland China and “artron.net” in mainland China. The following are examples of these three platforms. 




The online presentation shows works from China and dozens of other countries around the world that have had a great impact and resonance in China and Hong Kong. Among them, the works of 30 European female artists are divided into five series, which were able to attract special attention. So far, more than 50,000 people have clicked on this exhibition online, viewed it and left numerous enthusiastic comments.    

Dr. Huang Mei, curator and owner of MMAE720

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